Learn Digital Skills on WhatsApp

South Africa is in a skills crisis, compounded by the demands of an increasingly digital world. Its citizens need to learn basic digital skills, including how to use computers and how to search for, and assess, information. These skills could enable them to start their own small business or to recognise fake news and scams … Read more

What are the principles of CAPS curriculum?

The CAPS curriculum is driven by several core principles. Social transformation The curriculum ensures the educational imbalances of the past are redressed and that equal educational opportunities are provided for all sections of the population. Active and critical learning The curriculum encourages a dynamic and critical approach to learning rather than rote and uncritical learning … Read more

Foundation Phase teachers – we need you!

Want to earn money? CAPS123 is looking for foundation phase teachers to contribute to this website. Contributions can be in the form of short posts on a certain aspect of teaching the curriculum lesson notes or plans guidance for new teachers advice on textbooks, apps or free resources teachers can use classroom management. Interested? Then … Read more