Foundation Phase Mathematics Lesson Plans 2024

How to teach mathematics in the Foundation Phase The Foundation Phase is a crucial period for developing a child’s mathematical abilities. As such, it’s essential to provide young learners with engaging, challenging, and age-appropriate mathematics lesson plans to support their learning. Our Foundation Phase Mathematics Lesson Plans for 2024 have been designed to meet this … Read more

Lesson Plans for Coding and Robotics Grades 1 – 3 for 2024

Teaching Coding and Robotics in the Foundation Phase Technology is rapidly transforming our world, and it’s never too early to introduce young learners to the exciting world of coding and robotics. Our Lesson Plans for Coding and Robotics Grades 1-3 for 2023 provide educators with comprehensive resources to help them teach this critical subject. Our … Read more

Life Skills Rubrics

Rubrics are scoring guides that help in the objective evaluation of a student’s work. In the context of Life Skills for Foundation Phase (grades R to 3), they are incredibly valuable in laying out clear expectations and standards for both teachers and learners. Using rubrics in Life Skills education helps teachers to evaluate students’ abilities … Read more