Grade 7 Coding & Robotics Lesson Plan: AR

A lesson on Augmented reality and the Real world applications of augmented reality Aim Learners will learn about the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) and its various applications in the real world. Objectives Possible Materials Needed Anticipatory Set Begin the lesson by engaging the class in a discussion on what they know about Augmented Reality … Read more

Senior Phase Coding and Robotics

What is Coding and Robotics? The Coding and Robotics subject is central to function in a digital and information-driven world; apply digital ICT skills and transfer these skills to solve everyday problems in the development of learners. The subject studies the activities that deal with the solution of problems through logical and computational thinking. It … Read more

Senior Phase Technology

Technology education was introduced into the South African curriculum in recognition of the need to produce engineers, technicians and artisans needed in modern society and the need to develop a technologically literate population for the modern world. The subject stimulates learners to be innovative and develops their creative and critical thinking skills. It teaches them … Read more

Senior Phase Social Sciences

The subject Social Sciences consists of History and Geography. Both History and Geography should be taught and assessed during every term of the school year. Although the two disciplines are kept separate, this curriculum is designed to complement the knowledge (content, skills and concepts) outlined in each. Assessment marks for each subject should be shown … Read more

Senior Phase Natural Sciences

Science as we know it today has roots in African, Arabic, Asian, European and American cultures. It has been shaped by the search to understand the natural world through observation, testing and proving of ideas, and has evolved to become part of the cultural heritage of all nations. In all cultures and in all times … Read more