21st Century Skills in Schools

Preparing students for a dynamic and rapidly changing world demands integrating 21st-century skills in today’s educational system. While still important, traditional academic disciplines no longer suffice in fostering well-rounded learners capable of thriving in the workforce and their personal lives. Emphasis on critical thinking, digital literacy, adaptability, and collaboration has become increasingly necessary. A shift … Read more

Robotics Competitions for Schools: Inspiring STEM Education

Robotics competitions have rapidly gained momentum in schools nationwide, with numerous events encouraging students to exercise their creativity and ingenuity. These competitions foster a love for science and technology and help students develop valuable life skills. Collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication capabilities are all enhanced as participants delve into the exciting world of robotics. … Read more

Blockly: Unleashing the Power of Visual Programming

Teaching children to code has gained immense importance in today’s digital age. It’s seen as an essential skill that has far-reaching effects on the child’s future prospects. Blockly offers a user-friendly way for people to learn programming concepts and quickly build their projects. Blockly, a powerful yet straightforward, open-source visual library developed by Google, allows … Read more

Vexcode VR: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators and Students

In today’s tech-driven world, students need to develop essential coding skills. One incredible way to achieve this is through Vexcode VR, a free and engaging virtual reality platform designed specifically for learning code. Providing opportunities for users to build problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, Vexcode VR paves the way for the next generation of creative … Read more

Education 4.0, Skills and Robotics at School: Preparing Students for the Future

As society progresses into the era of Industry 4.0, the concept of Education 4.0 is also making waves. This revolutionary approach emphasizes the need for today’s students to be equipped with vital skills and knowledge for the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Robotics and other advanced technologies play a pivotal role in reshaping the schooling experience, … Read more