Curro Hazeldean School

Curro Hazeldean forms a part of the Curro School Group, which is revered for its commitment to high-quality education in South Africa. It encompasses a range of educational institutions from preschool to high school, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive learning journey. The group is known for its personalised approach to teaching and learning, with small class sizes allowing for individual attention to each learner. This approach is evident in the Hazeldean schools, where education is delivered in English and Afrikaans, and a broad spectrum of specialised subjects are available to cater to a variety of interests and aspirations.

The Hazeldean branch is inclusive of a high school that serves learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12, a primary school for those from Grade 1 to Grade 7, and a preschool catering to early childhood development. These establishments are equipped to provide a robust educational foundation, asserting their promise of excellence with features such as Robotics and isiZulu as part of the curriculum. Aftercare and transport services reflect the group’s understanding of modern-day family logistics, underpinning the support structure necessary for academic success.

Curro Hazeldean schools emphasise project-based learning, which encourages practical application of knowledge and development of critical thinking skills. With its varied and innovative learning modules, the schools are designed to prepare students for both academic and real-world challenges. The provision of specialised subjects alongside traditional academic disciplines ensures learners emerge well-rounded, competitive, and ready for future endeavours in higher education or professional spheres.

History and Background of Curro Hazeldean

Curro Hazeldean is an educational institution anchored in Pretoria, known for its commitment to offering quality education through a network that champions personal attention and comprehensive subject offerings.

Establishment and Growth

Curro Hazeldean was inaugurated as part of the growth and expansion of the Curro School Group, which has established itself as a significant player in South Africa’s private school sector. The institution caters to learners from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. Initially starting with fewer grades, Curro Hazeldean has expanded over the years to accommodate a complete spectrum of school levels. The primary school serves learners up to Grade 7, while the high school continues education from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Connection to the Curro School Group

Curro Hazeldean is intricately connected to the Curro ethos, sharing its vision for high-quality education in South Africa. As part of the larger Curro School Group, Curro Hazeldean benefits from the shared resources, experienced educators, and a network of schools facilitating a dynamic educational environment. The Curro group’s philosophy emphasises both academic excellence and extracurricular development, ensuring learners receive a well-rounded education.

Educational Philosophy

Curro Hazeldean prioritises a tailored educational experience that focuses on individual attention, encouraging learners to obtain a broad skillset enriched with technology and creative thinking. This educational philosophy ensures that each student’s academic journey emphasises personalised learning aligned with future-oriented competencies.

Curro’s Approach to Learning

Curro Hazeldean adopts a structured yet flexible approach to education, ensuring classes consist of no more than 22 learners to maintain an environment conducive to personalised instruction. This method allows educators to foster each student’s abilities, tailoring education to their unique needs and enhancing their talents whether in art, science, or humanities. The school’s commitment to honing a comprehensive knowledge base paves the way for well-rounded individuals equipped for the challenges of the future.

Incorporation of Technology and Innovation

At the heart of Curro’s educational strategy is the integration of technology and innovation. The introduction of robotics as a subject underscores this emphasis, preparing learners for a technology-driven world. Additionally, Curro harnesses educational technologies to augment teaching and learning experiences, enabling students to develop essential 21st-century skills beyond the confines of traditional education. Their curriculum not only supports the acquisition of knowledge but also stimulates creativity and critical thinking capabilities, ensuring that learners are well-versed in the application of their learning in real-world scenarios.

Curriculum and Academic Excellence

Curro Hazeldean provides a comprehensive academic framework that fosters educational excellence. This framework is specifically designed to cultivate a profound understanding of various subjects while ensuring students develop a robust knowledge base that encompasses both theory and practical skills.

National CAPS Curriculum

Curro Hazeldean aligns its educational approach with the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This curriculum sets a high standard for academic achievement and prepares learners for the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations. CAPS offers a holistic education model that integrates project-based learning across subjects, promoting interactive and experiential learning that extends beyond traditional methods.

Academic Programmes from Preschool to Grade 12

The school offers a complete educational journey from preschool through to Grade 12. Curro Hazeldean ensures that the academic programmes cater to each developmental stage with progressive complexity. This progression is carefully designed to build upon previous knowledge, allowing a seamless transition from the foundations of early childhood education to the complexities of high school subjects.

Subject Offerings and Specialisations

Curro Hazeldean is particularly known for its diverse range of subjects and specialisations that are offered from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Mathematics, English, and Afrikaans form the core of the curriculum, with options such as IsiZulu available to cater to the multilingual nature of South Africa. The curriculum incorporates specialised subjects like Robotics to keep pace with technological advancements, fostering a curriculum enriched with modern knowledge and skills.

School Structure and Environment

As one ventures inside Curro Hazeldean, they’re greeted by an institution that champions a structured educational environment, tailor-made for effective learning and student development.

Physical Size and Facilities

Curro Hazeldean is consciously designed with state-of-the-art facilities to promote a conducive learning atmosphere. The campus features a heated pool, an innovation-focused makerspace, an AstroTurf, and a gymnasium. Each facility is maintained to cater to the various sporting, academic, and extracurricular needs of the students.

Class Size and Learning Environment

The institution places a high value on maintaining small class sizes, ensuring no more than 22 students per class. This allows for personal attention to each student, thus fostering a supportive learning environment. The school’s educational approach encapsulates both traditional learning and the integration of forward-thinking subjects like Robotics, catering to a well-rounded education experience.

Student Life and Activities

Curro Hazeldean High School offers an enriching student life balanced between academic pursuits and extracurricular activities. They give students opportunities to engage in sports, culture, and self-development, fostering social skills, emotional growth, and self-confidence.

Sports Programmes

Curro Hazeldean provides a comprehensive sports programme to promote teamwork and physical health. Students have access to various sports, encouraging active participation and cultivating balance between academics and athletic development.

  • Team Sports: Opportunities to join teams for rugby, netball, cricket, and more.
  • Individual Sports: Athletics, swimming, and other sports for personal athletic growth.

Cultural Activities and Arts

The school recognises the importance of cultural activities in personal and artistic development. It provides students with a plethora of cultural options to explore their talents.

  • Drama and Music: Involvement in the music department, choir, and drama for performing arts exposure.
  • Clubs and Societies: Photography club and other groups to foster innovation and self-discovery.

Aftercare and Personal Development

Curro Hazeldean is dedicated to holistic student growth, offering aftercare services that cater to learners’ emotional and social needs while focusing on life skills training.

  • Balanced Approach: Aftercare that encourages a healthy balance between free time and structured activities.
  • Life Skills Development: Programs to boost self-esteem and encourage emotional resilience.

Language and Communication Skills

In the educational landscape of Curro Hazeldean, the emphasis on language and communication skills is evident through a structured language education framework and the presence of a multilingual environment that nurtures these skills.

Language Education Framework

At Curro Hazeldean, the language education framework is designed to cater to the developmental needs of students across various educational stages. The framework incorporates:

  • Home Language: Intensive focus on enabling students to read, spell, understand, speak, and listen in their home language effectively.
  • First Additional Language: Strategies to enhance the acquisition and proficiency in a second language, aligning with the individual’s capacity to communicate in more than one language.

Multilingual Environment and Resources

The institution fosters a multilingual environment that encourages students to interact and express themselves in multiple languages. Resources and methods employed include:

  • Language-rich curricula that integrate both English and Afrikaans.
  • Tools and activities tailored to develop communication skills, such as understanding numbers and problem-solving in Mathematics, thereby strengthening the practical application of language in real-life contexts.

Learner Support and Resource Availability

Curro Hazeldean is committed to delivering a supportive educational environment that promotes individual attention and a wealth of resources. These factors come together to offer a personalised learning experience for each pupil.

Attention to Individual Learner Needs

At Curro Hazeldean Primary School, class sizes are intentionally kept small, with a maximum of 25 learners per class. This strategy allows teachers to focus on providing personal attention to each pupil, ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive academically. Robotics is included in the curriculum, which forms part of the school’s approach to nurture problem-solving skills and technical knowledge.

Access to Educational Resources and Materials

Curro Hazeldean ensures that learners have access to the necessary educational resources and materials. The school is equipped with textbooks and tablets to aid in the educational process, enriching the learning experience. Additionally, Curro Hazeldean boasts speciality facilities such as STEAMD labs and science labs, which provide practical, hands-on opportunities for learners to enhance their understanding and capabilities in science and technology.

Parent and Community Engagement

Curro Hazeldean fosters a close-knit atmosphere where community and parental engagement play critical roles in the educational and extracurricular spheres.

Community Access to School Events

Curro Hazeldean encourages a robust connection with the broader Equestria community by granting access to various school events. These events often include sports matches, cultural festivals, and academic exhibitions, paving the way for residents to participate actively and forge ties within the local context. They also operate Curro Academy The Blyde, furthering educational reach in the community.

Parental Involvement in Education

Curro Hazeldean places a high value on parental involvement in the educational process. Parents have multiple avenues to engage, such as:

  • Communication Channels: Regular and structured communication mechanisms allow parents to stay informed and address any educational concerns promptly.
  • Academic Participation: Parents are invited to partake in their child’s learning journey via parent-teacher meetings and reviewing academic performance, reinforcing the collaborative effort between home and school.

Extracurricular Development

Curro Hazeldean recognises the pivotal role extracurricular activities play in enhancing educational experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in programs that build team-awareness, foster creativity, and develop their critical thinking abilities.

Enhancing Teamwork and Collaboration

Extracurricular activities at Curro Hazeldean are designed to emphasise the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Through various team sports, students learn the value of teamwork, which is fundamental in cultivating a sense of community and collective problem-solving.

  • Sports Teams: Involvement in team sports promotes co-operation among students and helps to instil a team-awareness mindset.
  • Group Projects: Participation in group-based academic and inter-school competitions nurtures collaboration skills.

Promoting Creative Arts and Drama

Curro Hazeldean’s extracurricular offerings also heavily emphasise the creative arts and drama as a means to foster students’ creative expressions and drama skills. The school’s programmes aim to develop students’ abilities to articulate their ideas confidently and think critically.

  • Art Clubs: These clubs are a platform for students to express their creativity and innovation through various artistic mediums.
  • Drama Societies: The societies provide a structured environment where students can explore the world of drama, enhancing their performance skills and critical thinking.

Drama productions and art exhibitions are regular events, giving students the opportunity to display their work and performance talents to a broader audience, enriching their school experience and contributing to their personal development.

School Facilities and Infrastructure

Curro Hazeldean offers a range of well-developed facilities and infrastructure designed to support both academic achievement and physical development. The school has embraced the integration of technology in education whilst providing extensive sports facilities to encourage a balanced educational environment.

Technology in Classrooms

In line with modern educational practices, Curro Hazeldean boasts advanced information technology resources. Each classroom is equipped to enhance learning through digital means, with tablets in class becoming a standard tool for facilitating dynamic and interactive lessons. Smartboards and high-speed internet form the backbone of the school’s commitment to incorporating technology into the curriculum.

Sports and Recreational Areas

Physical education is given a high priority at Curro Hazeldean, with a variety of sports facilities that cater to a wide array of activities. These areas include:

  • Tennis/netball courts: Multipurpose surfaces for racquet sports and netball.
  • Cricket nets: For focused cricket practice sessions.
  • Swimming: An eight-lane swimming pool, 1.8 meters deep and 15 meters long, ensures that swimming is catered for year-round.
  • Multiple large multipurpose sports fields are also part of the infrastructure to support football, rugby, and other field sports.

Each facility is designed to ensure students have the opportunity to excel in their chosen sports while promoting the importance of physical fitness and well-being.

Admission and Academic Progression

Curro Hazeldean prioritises a structured academic journey from the initial enrolment to the culmination of high school education. Entry points and transition phases are clearly defined to ensure pupils’ progression is seamless and supportive of their academic growth.

Entry Requirements and Grade 1 Admission

Admitting a child to Grade 1 at Curro Hazeldean necessitates parents or guardians to submit a comprehensive application that fulfils the school’s requirements. Admission into the primary school phase initiates a structured educational pathway that nurtures foundational academic competencies. Key documents required during the application process include:

  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Most recent academic report if applicable
  • Immunisation record

Applications for Grade 1 should be mindful of the important commencement this grade signifies, not only as the start of formal schooling but as the first leap into the Intermediate Phase which later transitions into the Senior Phase of academics.

Transition Procedures from Primary to High School

Transition from Primary School (Grade 7) to High School (Grade 8) at Curro Hazeldean is a pivotal moment in a student’s academic journey, where the foundation set in the early years is built upon. They ensure clear communication and preparatory steps that enable students to adapt to the heightened academic and social demands of high school. Key aspects of this transition include:

  • Orientation sessions to familiarise students with high school life
  • Bridging programmes to address learning gaps and reinforce core skills
  • Information sessions for parents to guide their children through the transition

As students advance towards Grade 12, their academic progression is carefully monitored to ensure readiness for the Matric examination, which follows the IEB curriculum, representing the culmination of their academics at Curro Hazeldean.

Transport and Location Convenience

Curro Hazeldean High School prioritises accessible education by providing efficient school transport services and being easily reachable for families in various parts of Gauteng.

School Transport Services

Curro Hazeldean High School extends its commitment to quality education through the provision of a dedicated transport service. Transport is available for learners from Grade 8, with costs and details provided in the school’s fees letter. Ensuring safety and convenience, the service operates on established routes which accommodate one-way or return journeys for students.

  • Routes covered include:
    • Paramount
    • Olympus
    • Faerie Glen
    • Equestria
    • Die Wilgers
    • Rayton
    • Savannah
    • Bronkhorstspruit
    • Wapadrand
    • Silverlakes

Geographical Accessibility for Surrounding Areas

Situated in Hazeldean, Pretoria, Curro Hazeldean High School is strategically located to serve a wide area within Gauteng. This locale is especially conducive for students residing in and around Pretoria, with a focus on nearby suburbs such as Faerie Glen and Silver Lakes. Utilising major thoroughfares, the school is well-placed to be a convenient choice for quality education.

Quality Assurance and Educational Standards

Curro Hazeldean is committed to providing a high-quality education that adheres to stringent educational standards and thorough monitoring of learner outcomes. Their approach is designed to not only ensure academic proficiency but also to give students a strong foundation for continued education and professional life.

Monitoring Educational Outcomes

To maintain educational excellence, class size at Curro Hazeldean High School is limited to 22 students at most, maximising individual attention and tailored learning opportunities. A comprehensive feedback system is in place, allowing constant evaluation and adaptation to the current educational needs. Regular assessments and feedback help maintain high education standards and ensure that the students are on the right track academically.

Preparation for Tertiary Education and Life

Curro Hazeldean’s Matric examination follows the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) standards, known for its rigour and quality, equipping students with a competitive edge for tertiary education. The curriculum includes specialised subjects that cater to a wide array of interests and aptitudes, preparing students for both university studies and various life skills. Beyond tuition, the school offers Robotics and constructs modern facilities such as a STEAMD lab, contributing to a comprehensive head start in both technology and life sciences.

Financial Aspects and Tuition

Curro Hazeldean places significant emphasis on the clarity of their financial requirements, which include detailed tuition fees and the availability of financial aid options for qualifying students.

Fee Structure

The fee structure at Curro Hazeldean is explicitly laid out, excluding costs such as e-learning devices, insurance, maintenance, certain educational materials for select grades, school uniforms, sports tours, and therapist or psychologist fees. Parents can expect not to exceed 22 pupils per class, ensuring personalised attention. For 2023, tuition does not cover:

  • E-learning device (tablet) and related costs.
  • Certain textbooks and e-books for Grades 4 to 7.
  • Uniforms and sports tours.
  • Aftercare for Group 3 to Grade 7.

It is implied that parents should consult the official Curro Hazeldean schedule of fees for precise figures, as these have not been detailed here.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Options

Curro Hazeldean may offer scholarships and financial aid to eligible students, although specifics of these programmes are not detailed in the provided information. Parents and students are encouraged to directly contact the school or visit their official website to inquire about such opportunities and understand the application process and criteria for eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curro Hazeldean High School in Pretoria addresses common queries that parents and students might have regarding the school’s requirements and services.

What attire is required at Curro Hazeldean?

Students at Curro Hazeldean are expected to adhere to the school’s official dress code, which ensures a smart and disciplined appearance in line with the school’s ethos.

Which subjects are offered at Curro Hazeldean?

The school offers a wide range of specialised subjects catering to various interests and academic pursuits, forming part of their commitment to providing a comprehensive education.

How can one obtain an application form for Curro Hazeldean?

Application forms for Curro Hazeldean High School can be acquired by contacting the school directly or by visiting the school’s website where the forms can be downloaded.

Who is the current head at Curro Hazeldean?

The current head of Curro Hazeldean can be identified on the school’s website or by inquiring with the school’s administration for the most updated information.

What are the transportation options for Curro Hazeldean students?

Transportation details, including routes and times, are available through the school, covering areas such as Bronkhorstspruit and Centurion, to facilitate the commute for students.


Contact Details

Telephone: 0128090714

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What size is the school?

Number of Learners: 1050
Number of teachers: 61