GDE Admissions: A Guide to Applying for Schools with Boarding Facilities in Gauteng

For many families, choosing a school with a boarding facility is an ideal option. Whether it is for convenience or preference, it is essential to know the correct procedure for applying to a boarding school through the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Admissions system. This guide will take you through the steps involved in applying for your child to be accommodated in a school’s boarding facility.

Contacting the Boarding School

When you have identified a school with boarding facilities where you would like to enroll your child, the first step is to contact the boarding school directly to apply for accommodation. It’s important to note that boarding schools may have specific criteria for admitting learners to their boarding facilities, which could include academic performance, behavior records, and more.

Application to the School

After the boarding school has accepted your child into its boarding facility, you must complete an additional step. This involves applying to the school itself through the GDE Admissions Online System. It’s crucial to understand that acceptance into the boarding facility doesn’t guarantee admission to the school; both processes are connected but separate.

Applications from Other Provinces

For parents who are not residents of Gauteng but are interested in applying to a school with boarding facilities within the province, there is good news. The GDE Admissions system allows parents from other provinces to apply for schools with boarding facilities in Gauteng. This broadens the options available to families who believe that a boarding school in Gauteng is the best choice for their child.


Applying for schools with boarding facilities through GDE Admissions requires attention to detail and an understanding of the two-step process involving both the boarding facility and the school itself. By contacting the boarding school first and then applying through the GDE Admissions Online System, you can secure a spot for your child in a school with boarding facilities in Gauteng, even if you reside in another province.