GDE Admissions: Understanding and Managing Profile Edits for Gauteng School Admissions

Registering your child for school is a crucial process, and sometimes errors may occur or updates may be necessary. The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Admissions system allows parents to edit certain information in their profiles during the application period. In this article, we will guide you through what can be edited, how to make changes, and the implications of these changes.

Editing Profile Information

During the Application Period (15 June 2023 – 14 July 2023), parents can make changes to specific information in their profiles. However, changing certain personal details such as ID number, passport number, race, or gender will result in the deletion of your entire profile and all applications, and you will need to register and apply again.

Address Changes

Addresses can be edited during the Application Period. If you change your home or work address after making an application, all applications will be deleted, and you will need to reapply.

Editing Learner Details

You can delete registered learner details and applications. Once deleted, you will need to re-register and re-apply. Cell phone numbers can be changed without any consequences.

Correcting Mistakes in Applications

Parents can change their information, delete applications, and apply to other schools during the Application Period. Note that changing any personal information will result in the deletion of your entire account, requiring you to re-register and re-apply.

Changing Application School or Grade

If you applied for the wrong grade or school, you can delete the application and re-apply to the relevant grade or school during the Application Period.

How to Update Your Profile

If you need help with updating your profile, log in, select “Update Profile,” and then scroll down to “Edit Details.” Here, you can edit the following:

  • Personal Details: Changing these will result in the deletion of your profile and all applications.
  • Addresses: Can be edited with certain limitations.
  • Contact Details: Cell phone numbers can be changed without consequence.

Correcting ID Numbers

If you used the learner’s ID number to register parent information or vice versa, log in to your profile to edit the ID number used during the Application Period. Note that editing your ID number or your child’s ID number will result in the deletion of your account and all applications.

Editing Date of Birth

You cannot edit your child’s date of birth. To correct this, you need to delete and re-apply during the Application Period.

Editing Addresses for Feeder Zones

You can edit your home address during the Application Period, which may affect the schools with feeder zones that cover your home address. Remember to upload or submit proof of your home address to the school you applied to.

Correcting Work Address

You can edit your work address during the Application Period. However, you will not be able to change your work address after an application has been made.

Changing Uploaded Documents

If you uploaded incorrect documents, you can upload new documents by clicking “Upload documents” and following the prompts. The documents uploaded last will override the previously submitted documents.

Editing ID Numbers

Details verified/authenticated by the Department of Home Affairs, including parent and learner ID numbers, first and last names, and gender, cannot be edited. To change your ID number, you must delete your account, re-register, and re-apply to schools.

Final Thoughts

Editing your profile information is an important aspect of the school application process. Being aware of the details that can be edited, as well as the consequences of these changes, can help ensure a smoother application process. Always double-check your information before submitting to minimize the need for changes.