Grade 3 Road Safety Lesson Plan: Life Skills

Lesson Plan Title:
Grade 3 Life Skills Lesson Plan: Road Safety

Materials Needed:
– Interactive whiteboard or projector
– Road safety posters or pamphlets
– Whiteboard markers
– Flashcards with road signs
– Worksheet on road safety scenarios
– A toy car and a road mat (optional)

Learning Objectives:
– Students will understand the importance of road safety.
– Students will be able to identify common road signs and their meanings.
– Students will learn how to safely cross the road using the Green Cross Code.

1. Pedestrian – A person walking along a road or in a developed area.
2. Traffic light – A set of automatically operated coloured lights for controlling traffic at road junctions and pedestrian crossings.
3. Pavement – A raised paved or asphalted path for pedestrians at the side of a road.
4. Zebra crossing – A pedestrian crossing marked with white stripes where pedestrians have right of way.
5. Green Cross Code – A step-by-step guide to crossing the road safely.

Previous Learning:
Students have previously discussed the community helpers and their roles, which included touching upon the role of traffic police and their importance in maintaining road safety.

Anticipated Challenges and Solutions:
– Students may struggle to remember the meanings of different road signs. Solution: Use a variety of visual aids and repetition to reinforce their learning.
– Students might find it challenging to apply the Green Cross Code. Solution: Provide a practical demonstration and practice scenarios within the classroom.

Beginning Activities (10% – 4 minutes):
1. Introduction (2 minutes): Briefly introduce the topic of road safety and its importance.
2. Activating Prior Knowledge (2 minutes): Ask students if they have ever crossed a road and what they needed to look out for.

Middle Activities (80% – 32 minutes):
1. Direct Instruction (10 minutes):
Presentation: Show the road safety posters and discuss key points.
Green Cross Code: Explain the steps (Stop, Look, Listen, Think) and demonstrate with the aid of the whiteboard.

  1. Guided Practice (10 minutes):
  2. Interactive Activity: Use flashcards to quiz students on different road signs. Discuss the importance of each.
  3. Role-Play: Use the toy car and road mat or a sketched layout of a road and pedestrian crossing on the board. Have students take turns practising what they would do in different scenarios.

  4. Independent Practice (12 minutes):

  5. Worksheet: Distribute the worksheet with road safety scenarios. Students must identify safe and unsafe behaviours and apply the Green Cross Code to suggest what to do in each situation.
  6. Draw and Label: Ask students to draw their own road safety poster, including at least one road sign and a tip for crossing the road safely.

End Activities (10% – 4 minutes):
1. Exit Ticket (4 minutes):
– Ask each student to share one road safety rule they learnt during the lesson.
– Collect worksheets and posters to check for understanding.

Assessment and Checks for Understanding:
– Observation during the role-play for practical understanding.
– Marking the worksheet for correct application of the Green Cross Code and recognition of road signs.
– Exit ticket responses to ensure key takeaways are clear.

Differentiation Strategies for Diverse Learners:
For struggling learners: Pair them with a “road safety buddy” for activities; provide extra visuals and simplified instructions.
For advanced learners: Challenge them to create a road safety jingle or short skit to present to the class.
For EAL learners: Use visual aids and simplify language; pair them with a bilingual buddy if available.

Teaching Notes:
– Emphasise the real-world importance of road safety to make the lesson more engaging and relevant.
– Use enthusiastic tones and interactive methods to maintain students’ interest.
– Ensure all instructions and materials are accessible to students with disabilities by providing large-print materials or seating arrangements where necessary.

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