Grade R Dinosaurs Lesson Plan: Life Skills

Lesson Plan Title:

Grade R Life Skills Lesson Plan: Dinosaurs

Materials Needed:

  • Picture books about dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur toys or models
  • Colouring sheets with dinosaur images
  • Crayons and colouring pencils
  • Interactive whiteboard or projector (if available)
  • Dinosaur song or video
  • Storybook about dinosaurs

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to:
1. Understand the basic concept of what dinosaurs are.
2. Identify at least three different types of dinosaurs.
3. Describe one fact about each type of dinosaur they have learned.
4. Engage in a creative activity related to dinosaurs.


  1. Dinosaur – A large group of reptiles that lived millions of years ago.
  2. Fossil – The remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in rock.
  3. Carnivore – A dinosaur that eats meat.
  4. Herbivore – A dinosaur that eats plants.
  5. Extinct – A species that no longer exists.

Previous Learning:

Learners have previously discussed animals and their habitats, focusing on recognising simple characteristics of common pets and wild animals.

Anticipated Challenges and Solutions:

  • Challenge: Some learners may find it difficult to understand the concept of dinosaurs as they no longer exist.
  • Solution: Use picture books and toys to make the concept more tangible.
  • Challenge: Differentiating between carnivores and herbivores might be confusing.
  • Solution: Provide clear visual aids and simple examples.

Beginning Activities (4 minutes):

  1. Introduction and Objectives: Begin by welcoming the learners and briefly explaining that they will learn about dinosaurs today. Show them a picture book cover of a dinosaur.
  2. Warm-Up Activity: Sing a dinosaur-themed song or watch a short video to capture their interest.

Middle Activities (32 minutes):

  1. Story Time (10 minutes): Read a storybook about dinosaurs, pausing to show pictures of different types of dinosaurs. Ask simple questions about the story to keep learners engaged.
  2. Show and Tell (5 minutes): Use dinosaur toys or models to introduce at least three different types of dinosaurs. Explain whether each is a carnivore or herbivore and show a picture of their fossil.
  3. Interactive Discussion (7 minutes): Ask learners questions about the dinosaurs, prompting them to describe what they see and recall facts. Keep this simple and interactive.
  4. Creative Activity (10 minutes): Provide colouring sheets with dinosaur images. Allow learners to colour while reviewing the names and characteristics of the dinosaurs.

End Activities (4 minutes):

  1. Exit Ticket Activity: Ask each learner to name one dinosaur and share one thing they learned about it.
  2. Conclusion: Review the key points of the lesson and thank the learners for their participation.

Assessment and Checks for Understanding:

  • Observation: Monitor learners during story time and the interactive discussion to ensure they are engaged and understanding the material.
  • Creative Activity: Assess the correctness and creativity expressed in their colouring sheets.
  • Exit Ticket: Gauge their retention of facts through the exit ticket activity, where they share one thing they learned.

Differentiation Strategies for Diverse Learners:

  • For learners needing more support: Pair them with a buddy or provide additional visual aids like larger pictures and simpler language during the discussion.
  • For advanced learners: Offer them more detailed information about each dinosaur or provide additional dinosaur types to learn and colour.

Teaching Notes:

  • Educational Value: This lesson introduces basic prehistoric life concepts, stimulates imagination, and develops understanding of history and biology in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Engagement Tips: Keep the energy high with interactive components like songs, toys, and movement. Ensure that visual aids are colourful and engaging.
  • Accessibility: Ensure picture books and colouring sheets are in large print. Use tactile materials like dinosaur toys for learners with visual impairments.

This lesson is designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing Grade R learners to get an introductory understanding of dinosaurs while enjoying the lesson through story-telling and creative activities.

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