Grade R Festivals and Special Days (Repeated) Lesson Plan: Life Skills

Lesson Plan Title:

Grade R Life Skills Lesson Plan: Festivals and Special Days

Materials Needed:

  • Picture cards of different festivals (e.g., Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Heritage Day)
  • Colouring sheets and crayons
  • Storybooks about various festivals
  • Audio-visual equipment for playing festival-related songs or videos
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Chart paper and markers

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:
1. Identify different festivals and special days celebrated in South Africa.
2. Understand the significance of these festivals and special days.
3. Recognise symbols and activities associated with each festival.
4. Express their understanding through drawing and colouring activities.


  1. Festival: A special time or event when people celebrate something important.
  2. Eid: A Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan.
  3. Diwali: A Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year.
  4. Heritage Day: A South African public holiday celebrating cultural diversity.
  5. Christmas: A Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Previous Learning:

Learners have been introduced to the concept of family and community in previous lessons. They have discussed how families celebrate special occasions.

Anticipated Challenges and Solutions:

  • Challenge: Some learners may not be familiar with all festivals mentioned.
  • Solution: Use visual aids and simple explanations to make the content understandable.
  • Challenge: Learners may have difficulty sitting still.
  • Solution: Incorporate short videos and interactive stories to maintain engagement.

Beginning Activities (4 minutes):

  1. Introduction: Explain the lesson’s objectives using simple language.
  2. Prior Knowledge Activation: Ask students to name any special days or festivals they know.
  3. Engagement: Show pictures of different festivals and ask learners what they see.

Middle Activities (32 minutes):

  1. Direct Instruction (10 minutes):
  2. Use picture cards to show festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, and Heritage Day.
  3. Briefly describe what each festival celebrates and one or two key activities or symbols for each.

  4. Guided Practice (12 minutes):

  5. Read a short storybook related to one of the festivals.
  6. Discuss the story, asking learners questions about what they saw and heard.

  7. Independent Practice (10 minutes):

  8. Distribute colouring sheets related to different festivals.
  9. Ask learners to colour the pictures and share what they know about each festival with a partner.

End Activities (4 minutes):

  1. Consolidation: Recap the main points of the lesson with a quick flashcard review.
  2. Exit Ticket: Ask each learner to draw a small picture or symbol of their favourite festival and share it with the class, explaining why they like it.

Assessment and Checks for Understanding:

  • Observation of learners during guided and independent practice.
  • Listening to learners’ responses during the recap and exit ticket activities.
  • Reviewing learners’ drawings and colouring sheets to check for understanding and engagement.

Differentiation Strategies for Diverse Learners:

  • Scaffolding: Provide additional visual aids and one-on-one support for learners struggling to grasp the concepts.
  • Extension Activities: Encourage advanced learners to write or dictate a short sentence about one of the festivals.
  • Inclusive Practices: Ensure that stories and visual aids include diverse cultural representations so all learners feel included.

Teaching Notes:

  • Educational Value: This lesson introduces learners to cultural diversity, fostering respect and appreciation for various traditions.
  • Tips for Effective Delivery: Use a warm and enthusiastic tone to capture learners’ interest. Engage them with questions and praise their efforts.
  • Accessibility Considerations: Ensure visual aids and audio materials are accessible to all learners, including those with visual or hearing impairments.

By fostering an inclusive environment and employing diverse teaching strategies, this lesson plan aims to make learning about festivals and special days an enjoyable experience for Grade R learners while aligning with the CAPS Life Skills curriculum.

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