How to Teach Grade R with the 40-Week Programme

  1. Understand the Structure: The programme is split into 20 themes over 40 weeks. Each theme lasts two weeks, and you’ll cover five themes per term.
  2. Prepare the Materials: For each theme, you’ll need:
    • Poster: Displayed to engage learners.
    • Big Book Story: Used to introduce and explore the theme.
    • Worksheets & Flashcards: Found in the Rainbow Learners’ Workbooks for each term.
    • Lesson Plans: Weekly plans provide guidance for using the above materials.
  3. Follow the Lesson Plans:
    • Week 1: Introduce the theme using the poster and storybook. Implement the corresponding worksheets and flashcards.
    • Week 2: Continue with the theme, using the supporting materials to reinforce learning.
  4. Assessment & Observation:
    • Utilize Assessment Tasks: At the end of each theme, assess learners with tasks provided.
    • Record Observations: Use the checklist or rubric to track progress.
  5. Align with CAPS Goals: Ensure that your teaching aligns with the expected CAPS learning goals.
  6. Provide Support and Engagement: Remember, Grade R learners are young. Balance the structure with engaging and age-appropriate activities. Adjust as needed based on your learners’ needs and progress.
  7. Review & Reflect: At the end of each term, review progress, and plan for the next term. Reflection on what worked and what can be improved will help in successfully navigating the next term.
  8. Access Additional Support: Download the lesson plans and utilize them to stay organized and on track.
  9. Celebrate Success: Acknowledge achievements and growth throughout the year.

Grade R Lesson Plans

Download the lesson plans here …