Late Applications in GDE Admissions

The late applications phase in the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) admissions can be an anxious time for parents who missed the early application period. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and options available during the late applications period.

Note – the GDE is now saying the late application period opens on the 18th of December and not the 11th as previously indicated!

Availability of Schools

The first thing to understand is that not all schools will be available for late applications. Most schools are likely to be closed when the late applications period commences. Only schools with available spaces will be open for late applications.


The late applications period for GDE admissions is set to begin on 18th December 2023.


Late applications are specifically for those who haven’t submitted any application during the early application period. If you have previously submitted an application but are unhappy with the school allocated, you will not be eligible to submit a late application.

Editing Information

Be extra careful when submitting information during late applications as mistakes cannot be corrected. For instance, if you enter an incorrect address, you won’t have the option to edit it. Late applications are automatically placed at the school to which they apply.

Submission of Documents

You can either upload your documents on the GDE system or hand them in at the school where the late application was made.

Document Submission Timeline

Even if you apply on the last day of the late application period, you will still have 7 working days to submit or upload certified documents to the school.

Limitations and Assistance

For late applications, the placement is made at a school with available space. If the schools available are too far or don’t offer the required Language of Learning and Teaching, you can visit the nearest District Office for assistance.

Updating Personal Information

If you need to update personal information such as your mobile number, you can do so by providing your ID number and new cellphone number to the GDE call center.

Application Assistance

If you’re unable to apply on your own, the department has decentralized walk-in centers operating from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. You can also contact the contact center at 0800 000 789 for assistance.

Issues with Profile Creation

If you created a profile during the application period but did not apply, and now facing issues in registering a new profile, you can either visit the nearest District or Provincial Office with your ID number or provide your ID number to the call center at 0800 000 789 for technical assistance.


The late application period is a critical phase for parents who missed the early application window. While options might be limited, knowing how the process works can make it smoother. It is crucial to act quickly, provide accurate information, and follow the GDE’s guidelines closely.