Mzansi Digital Learning: Empowering South African Youth through Digital Skills

Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential in today’s workplace. Mzansi Digital Learning, an initiative launched in partnership between Afrika Tikkun and Microsoft, aims to bridge the digital divide and prepare the South African youth for the future by offering free online courses and certifications.

What is Mzansi Digital Learning?

Mzansi Digital Learning is a platform that provides free online courses to individuals looking to build and enhance their digital skills. It empowers participants with the technical knowledge and soft skills needed to excel in in-demand tech and tech-enabled roles. From foundational digital literacy to entrepreneurship, the platform offers a wide array of courses catering to varying skill levels and interests.

Courses Offered

The platform offers a variety of courses, including:

  1. Digital Literacy and Productivity (4 hours – 3 courses): This covers computer basics, operating systems, and productivity tools like Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint. It also encompasses online security and collaboration.
  2. Soft Skills (10 hours – 12 courses): This module hones essential non-technical skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and decision-making.
  3. Entrepreneurship (7 hours – 8 courses): For aspiring entrepreneurs, this course covers pitching, creating business plans, raising capital, and marketing.
  4. Administrative Professional (9 courses – 12 hours of content): It equips participants with communication, writing, time management, and software skills essential for administrative roles.
  5. Project Manager (12 courses – 15 hours of content): Learn effective project management through scheduling, budgeting, communication, and utilizing tools in Microsoft 365.
  6. Business Analyst (12 courses – 13 hours of content): This course delves into foundational business analysis concepts and the use of software tools for business analysis tasks.
  7. Systems Administrator (9 courses – 5 hours of content): Learn about managing on-site, cloud, physical, and virtual implementations as well as storage security.
  8. Data Analyst (3 courses – 9 hours of content): Explore foundational concepts used in data analysis and practice using software tools for data analytics and data visualization.
  9. Software Developer (9 courses – 5 hours of content): Understand the core concepts and structure of programming languages and learn how they’re applied.
  10. Cyber Skills: An engaging series that highlights common security risks and how to mitigate them.

The Importance of Digital Skills

Having digital skills is vital. For the South African youth, these skills can be the key to unlocking numerous opportunities. It enhances employability, fosters innovation, and contributes to the country’s economic growth.

As technology continues to reshape industries, the demand for skilled professionals in various fields increases. Mzansi Digital Learning helps in upskilling individuals, thus aligning the workforce with the evolving demands of the job market.

Moreover, as entrepreneurship can be a driving force for economic development, equipping young entrepreneurs with the necessary digital tools and knowledge can lead to the establishment of more sustainable businesses.

Mzansi Digital Learning is not just an online platform; it’s an enabler for the South African youth to achieve their potential in a digital world. By offering free access to invaluable resources, courses, and certifications, it plays a crucial role in preparing them for a technologically advanced and globally competitive landscape.