NSFAS Wallet Balance: A Lifeline for South African Students

As a beneficiary of NSFAS, understanding how the NSFAS Wallet Balance works is crucial. Let’s explore what it is and the various expenses it covers.

What is NSFAS Wallet Balance?

The NSFAS Wallet Balance is the amount of money students receive as part of the NSFAS bursary. This balance encompasses a variety of expenses, including tuition fees, registration fees, and transport allowances (R7350 per year if you live less than 40km away from the institute).

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Access to Funds

Upon approval of the NSFAS allowance, students automatically receive an NSFAS Wallet. The funds are stored in this wallet, allowing students to access them as needed.


The NSFAS Wallet Balance is an essential component of the NSFAS bursary, providing financial relief to students by covering an array of expenses.