DBE trains 507 teachers in Maths, Science and Technology

In an effort to combat the underperformance of grade 12 learners in Maths and Physical science, The Department of Basic Education has established a Teacher Capacity Building and Support in Maths, Science and Technology programme. Representatives from the DBE made presentations to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education Tuesday about progress they have made so … Read more

Learn how you can train teachers to use the CAPS curriculum for coding and robotics in their classrooms

Africa Teen Geeks is a non-profit organization that provides computer science and robotics education to previously disadvantaged schools in Africa. Since 2014, the number of students they have reached has expanded rapidly throughout their years of operations. African Teen Geeks are the official partner of DBE, and have signed a five-year MoU with them. They’re … Read more

Grade 12 Examinations Guidelines for 2021

The purpose of the examination guidelines is to: Provide clarity on the depth and scope of the content to be assessed in the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examination. Assist teachers in preparing learners for the examinations adequately. These guidelines deal with the final Grade 12 external examinations. They do not deal in any … Read more

Cyberbullying at schools in South Africa – why it’s out of control and how to stop it

What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the means that an organisation takes to protect networks, programs and computers from digital attacks of any kind. Some types of cyberattacks include disabling or disrupting a business, trying to extort money from a company or organisation or searching for sensitive information to destroy it or share it widely online. … Read more