The Most Expensive Schools in South Africa for 2024

As a parent, providing your child with quality education is one of the top priorities. South Africa boasts a vibrant education sector, with schools ranging from free public institutions to elite private schools. While public schools can offer excellent education, you might be considering a private school for its smaller classes, specialized programs, and a rich array of resources. However, some of these institutions come with a hefty price tag. This article will examine the most expensive schools in South Africa for 2024.

Most Expensive Schools in South Africa

Boarding Schools

If you’re considering a boarding school for your child, it’s essential to note that these institutions typically have higher fees than day schools due to the additional costs associated with accommodation and boarding services.

Table 1: South Africa’s Most Expensive Boarding Schools

SchoolProvinceAnnual Fees (R)
Hilton CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR343,155
St Andrew’s CollegeEastern CapeR320,064
Roedean School for GirlsGautengR310,994
St John’s CollegeGautengR304,995
Kearsney CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR303,710
St Mary’sGautengR293,050
Bishops CollegeWestern CapeR289,700
St Alban’s CollegeGautengR287,850
St Andrew’s School for Girls, SenderwoodGautengR287,850
St StithiansGautengR277,830
Diocesan School for GirlsEastern CapeR276,930
Kingswood CollegeEastern CapeR276,250
St Cyprian’sWestern CapeR264,300
St David’s Marist InandaGautengR259,100
St Anne’s Diocesan CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR252,420
St Martin’s CollegeGautengR249,210
Bridge HouseGautengR248,700
Somerset CollegeWestern CapeR248,300
Crawford College North CoastKwaZulu-NatalR248,020
St Benedict’s CollegeGautengR240,320
Herschel GirlsWestern CapeR237,700
Durban Girls’ CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR237,000
Treverton CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR234,960
Uplands CollegeMpumalangaR232,000
St Charles CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR230,100
Epworth High School for GirlsKwaZulu-NatalR224,727
Woodridge CollegeEastern CapeR222,793

Day Schools

For those who prefer their children to come home every day, day schools are an option. Though usually less expensive than boarding schools, the fees can still be substantial.

Table 2: South Africa’s Most Expensive Day Schools

SchoolProvinceAnnual Fees (R)
Kearsney CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR209,000
St John’s CollegeGautengR179,933
Roedean School for GirlsGautengR176,204
Bishops CollegeWestern CapeR170,520
Clifton SchoolKwaZulu-NatalR167,798
Crawford College SandtonGautengR164,470
St Alban’s CollegeGautengR163,650
St Mary’s, WaverlyGautengR163,550
St StithiansGautengR162,110
King David HighGautengR160,200
Kingsmead CollegeGautengR158,478
Redhill SchoolGautengR155,000
Crawford College La LuciaKwaZulu-NatalR153,850
St David’s Marist InandaGautengR153,800
Crawford College LonehillGautengR150,120
Beaulieu CollegeGautengR147,363
Crawford College PretoriaGautengR147,310
St Martins CollegeGautengR144,210
Kingswood CollegeEastern CapeR143,715
St Andrew’s CollegeEastern CapeR143,064
St Cyprian’sWestern CapeR141,500
Brescia HouseGautengR139,200
Diocesan School for GirlsEastern CapeR138,758
St Anne’s Diocesan CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR138,080
Herzlia HighWestern CapeR137,460
St Benedict’s CollegeGautengR136,670
Woodridge CollegeEastern CapeR136,107

Spotlight on Gauteng

Gauteng Province is home to many prestigious and expensive schools. Here’s a glance at some of the priciest ones in this province:

  • Roedean School for Girls – R310,994
  • St John’s College – R304,995
  • St Mary’s – R293,050

The Most Expensive School in South Africa

Hilton College in KwaZulu-Natal holds the distinction of being the most expensive school in South Africa. With annual fees of R343,155 for 2023, it’s well-known for its high-quality education and excellent facilities.

Private School Fees in South Africa

Sending your child to a state-sponsored school typically costs between R8,000 to R20,000 per year. In contrast, private schools usually charge average monthly fees ranging from R30,000 to R70,000, with additional costs for boarding schools.

The Most Expensive Girls’ School in South Africa

For parents looking for an all-girls institution, the Roedean School for Girls is the most expensive, with annual fees amounting to R310,994.

Wrapping Up

Education is an invaluable investment in your child’s future. The most expensive schools in South Africa provide high-quality education, outstanding facilities, and a conducive learning environment. However, assessing whether the cost aligns with your budget and the value you expect your child to receive is essential.