The Placement Period for GDE Admissions: A Handy Guide

The placement period in the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Admissions is a pivotal phase that determines where your child will be learning. As this can be an intimidating process, this article aims to serve as a handy guide to help you wade through the complexities seamlessly.

Timing is Essential

First and foremost, parents must be vigilant about the timeline. The placement period commences on the 4th of September, 2023, and continues until all the applicants are successfully placed. It is imperative for parents to regularly check for updates and be responsive as the offers for placement will start rolling in via SMS from this date.

Juggling Multiple Offers

Often, parents may find themselves handling multiple offers of placement. It’s vital to note that these offers need to be responded to within seven school days. In case you’re waiting for a preferable offer from another school, you can opt to accept an offer but keep the window open for subsequent offers.

Decisions are Binding

A critical point to remember is that once an offer of placement is accepted as final, it cannot be revoked. Therefore, make decisions prudently. If another offer is more appealing and is accepted, the initial offer will automatically be rescinded and allocated to the next applicant.

Addressing Changes in Plans

There might be scenarios where parents opt for independent schools or schools in different provinces post the submission of applications in Gauteng. In such instances, it is possible to withdraw applications, provided a valid reason is submitted.

Coping with Full Schools

In the event the schools applied to have reached their full capacity, fret not. The GDE ensures that parents receive offers from alternative schools that still have vacant spaces.

Ensuring Document Completion

Parents must ensure that all necessary documents, especially Proof of Residence, are submitted during the application phase. This is critical as placement is contingent on this. For parents who have either not submitted or only partially submitted the required documents, the placements are processed after the applicants with complete applications have been allocated.

Handling Unsuccessful Applications

There might be circumstances where applications are unsuccessful at all the chosen schools. In such cases, a transfer offer from a school with available space will be given.

Verification and Correction of Information

It is of paramount importance that the information provided during the application phase is accurate. In case of discrepancies, schools will verify the uploaded or hand-delivered documents by the parents and base placements on the verified documents.


Navigating the placement period for GDE Admissions doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Being well-informed and vigilant can make this process smoother. Remember, once an offer is accepted as final, it is binding. Evaluate your choices carefully and act promptly.

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