The Ultimate Guide to Taletso TVET College for South African Students

Are you a South African student looking for a reputable TVET college to further your education? Look no further than Taletso TVET College! With its commitment to quality education and excellent training programs, Taletso TVET College has become one of the most sought-after TVET colleges in South Africa. In this blog, we will provide you with an ultimate guide to Taletso TVET College, complete with information on its programs, campuses, fees, and admission requirements.

Programs offered

Taletso TVET College offers a wide range of programs in several faculties, including Engineering Studies, Business and Management Studies, Hospitality and Tourism, and Information and Communication Technology. The college also offers a range of National Certificate Vocational (NCV) programs as well as short courses and skills programs.


Taletso TVET College has four campuses located in different parts of South Africa, making it more accessible to students from different regions. These campuses are the Mafikeng Campus, the Lehurutshe Campus, the Klerksdorp Campus, and the Lichtenburg Campus. Each campus has a unique and diverse mix of programs and courses, making it easier for students to find a program that suits their interests and career aspirations.


The fees at Taletso TVET College vary depending on the program and campus. However, the fees are generally lower than those at other tertiary institutions, making it more affordable for students. The college also offers financial aid and bursaries to eligible students to help cover the costs of their education.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to Taletso TVET College, prospective students must have a South African identity document, pass Grade 9 or its equivalent, and meet the specific program requirements. Some courses may require students to have completed specific subjects or have certain skills. Prospective students can check the college’s website for more information on program-specific requirements and admission procedures.

Student support services

Taletso TVET College is committed to providing support services to its students to ensure their success. These services include career guidance, counseling, academic support, and extra-curricular activities. The college also has a Student Representative Council (SRC), which advocates for students’ rights and welfare and organizes events and activities to promote student involvement and engagement.

In conclusion, Taletso TVET College is an excellent choice for South African students looking for high-quality education and training programs. With its wide range of programs, affordable fees, and supportive student services, Taletso TVET College offers students the opportunities they need to succeed in their chosen fields. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today and take the first step towards a bright future with Taletso TVET College!