Which Are the Best Educational Robots?

Whether you are looking to buy a new educational robot for your child, or you are considering buying a robot as a gift for your son or daughter, there are a number of things to think about when choosing a robot. Here are some tips to help you decide.


PLEO rb is a robot dinosaur that mimics a lifelike prehistoric animal. It was designed by a group of animators, biologists, and robotic specialists. It has a complex sensory system and sophisticated communication software.

The PLEO rb comes with a quick start guide, universal voltage, a Training Leaf, rock salt, a Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, and an ID Card. It can be taught to recognize nine different kinds of food, hear and see sounds, and detect objects. It also has a USB port to connect to a computer.


mBot is a cool robot that will help students learn STEM concepts. It is built on a modular design and can be programmed in Scratch or C/C++. Using this platform, students can easily learn programming and create their own games and robots.

The mBot STEM Education Coding Robot Kit includes easy to follow instructions and sensor modules, along with a smartphone/tablet remote control. It is suitable for beginner students and comes at less than $100. It is also compatible with other building bricks and electronic modules.

EV3 kit

EV3 is the third generation of Lego Mindstorms robotics kit. It is designed to be a fun and educational way for students to learn science, engineering, and programming. The EV3 is built with a 300 MHz processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a Micro SD slot. It also has a USB connector for connection to a computer.

The EV3 is a powerful programmable computer that can control motors and sensor feedback. It can be programmed in either EV3Basic or Robot-C languages.

Bittle Robotic Dog

Developed by Petoi, the Bittle Robotic Dog is a fun and educational toy. It is designed for ages 14 and up. This toy is powered by a customised Arduino board. It also has an IR remote control and a Bluetooth connector.

The robot can be programmed to perform tricks like a real animal. Its agility and maneuverability make it a fun and educational toy. It can also be used to teach students how to code.

Bittle is designed with nine P1S servos, which drastically increase its flexibility. The servos are also positioned in the neck and lower leg pieces. Each servo can be positioned in a 270-degree rotation. It also features two pre-set speed settings, which are helpful in controlling the robot.

OWI’s 14-in-1 Solar Robot

Developed by OWI Robotics, the 14-in-1 Solar Robot is an engaging introduction to robotics. It comes in two levels of complexity and includes the wheeled transport, an educational booklet, five sheets of parts, and accessories. A solar powered robot is the perfect way to get kids interested in green energy.

The 14-in-1 Solar Robot is an engaging and educational toy that engages children while enhancing their skills in science, math and engineering. It’s not surprising that the kit was a winner in the Best Toys for Kids and Creative Child Magazine’s Top Toys of 2013 lists.


Unlike many educational robots, Cozmo actually has a brain. It’s got an onboard CPU that evaluates thousands of future states per second. This means it can perform a lot of cool things such as facial recognition and animation.

Cozmo has a lot of things to say. For example, he’s got a cute character akin to WALL-E and can recognize hundreds of different emotions. He’s also got a camera and four motors, and can perform more advanced functions such as motion and manipulation.

Elenco Mech-5

Besides being a great gift for the tech savvy, tech savy or tech deprived geek in the family, the Mech 5 is a good way to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math. It’s fun and it’s easy on the pocketbook. You can make 5 different robots in one swoop, and it only requires 2 “AA” batteries. You can also tinker around with them and test their limits, oh my! It’s also got some very cool STEM activities built in.

JIMU Mythical Series

UBTECH Robotics, the leader in intelligent humanoid robotics, has unveiled two new kits for kids. They are part of their JIMU Robot Mythical Series. The kits are built on a block-based coding platform that helps kids build and control robots.

UBTECH’s first offering in the new JIMU series is the ChampBot Kit. This robotic kit can drive to a goal and activate an IR sensor to avoid obstacles. It can also be programmed using the free JIMU app.