A Curated List of Online and SACE-Endorsed Coding and Robotics Resources for Educators

South African educators must continually adapt their teaching knowledge to cultivate skills in new subjects such as Coding and Robotics. We have curated a list of online professional development resources and SACE-endorsed training programs to support teachers in this endeavour. These handpicked resources cover the breadth and depth of coding and robotics education, equipping teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

Online Professional Development Resources

Teach for America’s CS for All

Empowering Educators to Teach Computer Science

Teach for America’s CS for All program furnishes educators with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively teach computer science. Engaging with topics including computational thinking, problem-solving techniques, and coding principles, this program prepares educators to cultivate future innovators in the tech space.

For more information, visit: Teach for America’s CS for All


Bridging the Coding Gap with Innovative Teaching Resources

Code.org presents a range of free coding resources that equip teachers with practical tools for imparting coding knowledge. From comprehensive lesson plans to stimulating activities and insightful videos, this platform offers myriad resources to bring coding to life in the classroom.

For more information, visit: Code.org

The Khan Academy

Harnessing the Power of Self-Paced Learning for Coding

The Khan Academy provides a comprehensive, free, and online coding curriculum that caters to students of all ages. Fostering a self-paced and engaging learning environment, it incorporates interactive exercises and instructive videos to help students master coding concepts progressively.

For more information, visit: The Khan Academy


Fostering Creativity through Interactive Coding Projects

Scratch is a free, intuitive coding platform that empowers students to create their own interactive projects, helping them grasp coding basics. Its supportive community of users serves as an inspiration, encouraging students to develop a diverse array of projects ranging from games to animations to stories.

For more information, visit: Scratch

LEGO Spike Prime Curriculum and Teacher Training

Building Foundations for Coding and Robotics Education

The LEGO Spike Prime Curriculum delivers a comprehensive resource that fully prepares teachers to instruct coding and robotics with LEGO Spike Prime. Additionally, the LEGO Spike Prime Teacher Training program further develops educators’ technical skills to facilitate hands-on, engaging learning experiences.

For more information, visit: LEGO Spike Prime Teacher Training

SACE-Endorsed Teacher Training

Digital Technology for Teachers (DTfT) SACE-Endorsed Course

Prepping Teachers for the Digital Classroom

With the DTfT SACE-Endorsed Course, you’ll gain an understanding of the Coding and Robotics CAPS, along with the necessary resources and skills to incorporate this exciting subject into your school curriculum.

For more information, visit: Digital Technology for Teachers

Coding and Robotics for Foundation Phase TeachersWorkshop

Empowering Educators to Integrate Technology into Learning

Cambridge’s SACE-endorsed workshop, “Coding and Robotics for Foundation Phase Teachers,” provides comprehensive curriculum coverage, e-communication safety, and effective assessment techniques. This resource also shines a spotlight on low-resource schools, promoting inclusive education.

For more information, visit: Coding and Robotics for Foundation Phase Teachers Workshop

Beginner Stream for Robotics and Coding by Resolute Education

Launching Teachers into the World of Robotics and Coding

Resolute Education’s beginner course empowers teachers to delve into the fundamentals of circuit theory and Arduino. After completing the course, teachers are equipped with the practical knowledge and skills to guide students in creating engineering-based projects like the Automated Hand Sanitiser.

For more information, visit: Beginner Stream for Robotics and Coding by Resolute Education