Find out about the CAPS Foundation Phase document

Get all the information you need on the Foundation Phase document to become a top teacher in South Africa now! The CAPS document for the Foundation Phase, published by the Department of Basic Education, contains all the guidance on the content and assessment requirements for the Foundation Phase subjects at schools in South Africa. This … Read more

The CAPS Forum

Introducing the CAPS forum, an online discussion board for South African teachers where you can ask questions, make comments and post advice for other teachers. Each phase has it’s own forum and you can easily create topics around specific subjects or topics such as assessment, exam preparation or digital teaching. Register an account or easily … Read more

Everything you need to know about the CAPS document for the Intermediate Phase

A guide to the Intermediate Phase CAPS document with all the information you need to be a top teacher! The Department of Basic Education in South Africa developed and published a National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement, known as CAPS, the curriculum used in state schools. CAPS covers all twelve grades in the South African … Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and why computer applications technology is the subject of the future

Computer Applications Technology is a subject of the future that gives learners 21st Century Skills. Find out why this is important! The ability to effectively use a computer in day-to-day business is a definite advantage across many different jobs. Computers are used to streamline processes and make people more effective in their careers and studies. … Read more