Senior Phase Technology

Technology education was introduced into the South African curriculum in recognition of the need to produce engineers, technicians and artisans needed in modern society and the need to develop a technologically literate population for the modern world. The subject stimulates learners to be innovative and develops their creative and critical thinking skills. It teaches them to manage time and material resources effectively, provides opportunities for collaborative learning and nurtures teamwork. These skills provide a solid foundation for several FET subjects as well as for the world of work.

In the educational context, Technology can be defined as:

The use of knowledge, skills, values and resources to meet people’s needs and wants by developing practical solutions to problems, taking social and environmental factors into consideration.



Technology as a subject contributes towards learners’ technological literacy by giving them opportunities to:

  • Develop and apply specific design skills to solve technological problems.
  • Understand the concepts and knowledge used in Technology education and use them responsibly and purposefully.
  • Appreciate the interaction between people’s values and attitudes, technology, society and the environment.

The intention is to introduce learners to the basics needed in Civil Technology, mechanical Technology, Electrical Technology and Engineering Graphics and Design. Additionally, learners gain an idea of the way engineers apply scientific principles to practical problems. In addition, evaluation skills will be fostered and the introduction of product design and production will be useful in other FET subjects that use these skills – such as Consumer Studies and Design.