FET Agricultural Sciences

What is agricultural science?

Agricultural Sciences is the study of the relationship between soils, plants and animals in the production andprocessing of food, fibre, fuel and other agricultural commodities that have an economic, aesthetic and cultural value.


The list below indicates the main topics in the Agricultural Sciences curriculum.

1. soil science
2. Plant studies
3. animal studies
4. agricultural economics
5. Basic agricultural Chemistry
6. Basic Genetics and Biological Concepts
7. sustainable natural resource utilization
8. agro-ecology

In agricultural sciences learners will:

  • Develop an awareness of the management and care of the environment, natural resources and the humane treatment of animals through application of science and related technology;
  • Develop problem-solving mechanisms within the contexts of agricultural production, processing and marketing practices;
  • Be aware of the social and economic development of the society at large through personal development in commercial and subsistence farming enterprises;
  • Become informed and responsible citizens in the production of agricultural commodities, caring for the environment and addressing social justice issues; and
  • Be aware of agricultural indigenous knowledge and practices through understanding agricultural sciences in historical and social contexts.

Time allocation of agricultural sciences in the curriculum 

The teaching time for Agricultural Sciences is 4 hours per week. 

Requirements to offer agricultural sciences as a subject

Technical equipment and other resources required to offer Agricultural Sciences more efficiently as a subject are theresponsibility of the school. Each learner should have a textbook.

The school should be equipped with a Agricultural Science laboratory where various practical work or experiments could be carried out or demonstrated.subject combination when offering agricultural sciences as a subject it is strongly recommended that Agricultural Sciences be combined with mathematics, Physical Sciences and/or Life Sciences.

Agricultural Sciences is an integrated science. it combines knowledge and skills from Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, mathematics and Economics. This subject must be seen within the holistic science framework rather than as an isolated science.