Assessment in Coding and Robotics for Teachers

Coding and Robotics is a subject that allows learners to explore their technological and digital world, requiring specific assessment techniques to ensure their holistic development. As a teacher, it’s essential to understand the unique assessment methods required for each subject in the CAPS curriculum. This blog post will outline the critical assessment elements in Coding and Robotics, focusing on formative and summative assessments and how they can be effectively implemented in the classroom.

The Purpose of Assessment in Coding and Robotics

The primary goal of assessment in Coding and Robotics across the Foundation Phase is to evaluate the development of knowledge, skills, and values that will prepare learners for more formal assessments in the Intermediate Phase. Assessment should support and encourage learners throughout the five Coding and Robotics strands, providing insights into their holistic development.

Assessment for Learning: Formative Assessment

Assessment for Learning, or formative assessment, evaluates a learner’s comprehension and understanding of a skill or lesson during the learning process. This approach involves continuous and ongoing assessment, integrating teaching and assessment seamlessly.

Formative assessment allows teachers to monitor learner progress and adjust instruction accordingly. Using data gathered from formative assessments, teachers can provide appropriate and effective feedback, ensuring learners’ varying needs are met.

Assessment of Learning: Summative Assessment

Assessment of Learning, or summative assessment, provides a snapshot of a learner’s achievement at a specific point in time. Typically administered at the end of a term, summative assessments offer valuable insights into learner progress and allow teachers to identify at-risk learners early.

By using the data from summative assessments, teachers can make necessary adjustments to their instruction and monitor their learners’ progress effectively.


In conclusion, assessing Coding and Robotics is a crucial aspect of the teaching and learning process. By understanding and implementing formative and summative assessment techniques, teachers can support their learners’ holistic development and ensure their success in this rapidly evolving subject.