Boost Your Teaching Skills with SACE-Endorsed Online Courses

Discover top online platforms offering SACE-endorsed courses to help South African teachers earn CPD points, enhance their teaching skills, and contribute to their professional growth. Explore high-quality professional development opportunities today!

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) is the professional council responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of professional practice and ethical conduct among educators in South Africa. The primary goal of SACE is to ensure that teachers are qualified, competent, and committed to providing quality education.

One of the ways SACE achieves this goal is through the Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) system. This system encourages educators to continuously improve their knowledge and skills by earning Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. The CPTD system aims to foster teacher professionalism, enhance teaching quality, and ultimately, improve learner outcomes.

SACE requires educators to earn a certain number of CPD points within a three-year cycle. Points can be earned through professional development activities such as attending workshops, conferences, and online courses. These activities should be SACE-endorsed to ensure that they meet the required standards and are relevant to the needs of educators.

Here are five online platforms offering high-quality SACE-endorsed professional development courses for South African teachers:

  1. Teacher Professional Development (TPD) – The TPD website provides a variety of online courses designed to enhance teaching skills and subject knowledge. Their courses are SACE-endorsed and cover a wide range of topics. URL:
  2. Eduvos Professional Development – This platform offers SACE-endorsed courses that focus on teaching and learning strategies, educational leadership, and curriculum support. URL:
  3. Via Afrika – Via Afrika provides a range of online courses and webinars, focusing on curriculum development, assessment strategies, and digital learning. Their courses are SACE-endorsed and contribute towards CPD points. URL:
  4. Optimi Classroom – Optimi Classroom offers SACE-endorsed professional development courses covering topics such as classroom management, digital literacy, and inclusive education. URL:
  5. SACE eCampus – SACE eCampus is the official online platform for SACE-endorsed professional development courses. It offers a wide range of courses in various areas of interest for educators. URL:

In conclusion, the SACE system is vital in ensuring teacher professionalism and development in South Africa. Earning CPD points through SACE-endorsed courses helps educators enhance their teaching skills and knowledge, ultimately improving the quality of education they provide to learners.