CAPS Past Papers for Grades 10, 11 and 12

Past papers are an invaluable tool in the arsenal of effective exam preparation. They offer a tangible link to the format, content, and standards of previous examinations, providing a clear insight into what one can expect on the day. By tackling past papers, students can assess their strengths and weaknesses, honing their time management skills and exam techniques. Additionally, these papers help foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter, as they require application of knowledge in a real-world context. In essence, past papers are like a rehearsal for the main performance, offering an essential platform to enhance knowledge, build confidence, and ensure optimal readiness for the impending examination.

CAPS Past Papers
2022 NSC November Examination Papers
2022 May/June NSC/SC Exam Papers
2021 NSC November Examination Papers
2021 NSC/SC May/June Examinations
2020 NSC and SC Exam Papers (November)
2019 NSC Examination Papers (November)
2019 May/June Examination Papers
2018 November NSC Examination Papers 
2018 Grade 12 NSC Supplementary Exams (Feb/March)
2018 Grade 12 Exemplars: Technical Subjects
Grade 11 Common Paper (2015-2018)
2018 May/June NSC Exam Papers
Grade 10 Common Paper (2015-2018)
2017 November NSC Examination Papers
2017 May/June SC(a) Exam Papers
2017 Feb/March NSC Exam Papers
2016 NSC Examinations (Oct/Nov)
2016 ASC Exam Papers (May/June)
2016 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2015 November NSC Examination Papers
2015 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2014 November NSC Examination Papers
2014 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2014 Grade 12 NSC Exemplars
2013 November NSC Examination Papers 
2013 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2012 November NSC Examination Papers
2012 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2011 November NSC Examination Papers 
2011 Feb/March NSC Examination Papers
2009 November NSC Examination Papers 
2008 November NSC Examination Papers