Coding and Robotics Resources

By combining search engines, coding resources, and robotics resources, educators can create a comprehensive learning experience that teaches students technical skills and nurtures vital 21st-century competencies such as problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. A teacher aiming to teach coding and robotics effectively can make the most of these resources by familiarizing themselves with the tools and platforms available. It is crucial to explore each resource and select those that best align with their student’s needs, age groups, and learning styles. Teachers should then integrate these resources into their lesson plans, providing guided learning and hands-on activities to ensure students grasp essential concepts while remaining engaged. Additionally, teachers should encourage students to explore these resources independently, fostering a sense of curiosity and promoting a lifelong learning mindset. As the teacher becomes more comfortable with the chosen resources, they can continuously adapt their teaching strategies, incorporating new tools and approaches to keep the learning experience fresh, relevant, and exciting for their students.

Resource TypeLinks
Search engines
Coding Resources
Blockly Games
BrainPOP Jr
Code Academy
Code Combat
Code Monkey
Code Moji
Coding Bat
Crunch Zilla
Common Sense Education
Hour of Code
Learn code the hard way
Scratch (MIT)
Computer Olympiad Talent Search
Computer Olympiad Past Papers
CS Unplugged
Microsoft MakeCode
Swift Playgrounds
Robotics Resources
BOATS school kitContact
Raspberry Pi
VEX Robotics