DBE Past Papers for revision in 2021

As any teacher will tell you, one of the best ways for learners to prepare for their final matric exams is to go through past papers. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming approach to revision, but it does work.

This preparation strategy works in several ways. Firstly, this allows the learners to become familiar with the types of questions that get asked. While the content in the exams will change on an annual basis, the structure of the exam and the types of questions asked will remain the same. For a particular subject, the learner can then prepare themselves for a specific approach to the assessment.

due past papers

Secondly, by working through past exam papers, learners can get comfortable with the content covered in previous years exams and the language used. There is a chance that examiners won’t cover the same content covered in one year again in the consecutive year, but the language used will be similar.

By working through past exams, learners can also familiarise themselves with the time required to complete the required questions. One of the significant issues learners encounter when writing their grade 12 exams is time management, and the process of writing practice exams allows learners to become comfortable with how long it takes to complete a specific type of question.

Another critical skill learners will pick up by completing past exams papers is understanding the allocation of marks and the marking schemes used. Learners will understand the types of answers required and can use this to work out how to structure their answers. By downloading the memorandum, learners can mark their exams and see the mistakes they might have made.


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