Grade 4 History Lesson Plan: Nelson Mandela and His Legacy

Lesson Plan Title:
Grade 4 History Lesson Plan: Nelson Mandela and His Legacy

Materials Needed:
– Textbook: CAPS-approved Grade 4 History textbook
– Nelson Mandela biography handout
– Projector and computer for showing video clips
– A3 paper and markers for group activities
– Worksheet: Timeline of Nelson Mandela’s life
– Internet access for additional research

Learning Objectives:
– Understand who Nelson Mandela was and his significance in South African history.
– Identify key events in Nelson Mandela’s life and his role in the struggle against apartheid.
– Recognise the impact of Mandela’s leadership on South African society and the world.
– Develop skills in creating timelines and summarising biographical information.

1. Apartheid: A political system in which the people of South Africa were divided by their race and were treated differently.
2. Freedom: The power or right to act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint.
3. Democracy: A system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting.
4. Legacy: Something that is passed on from an older person to a younger one; could be money or property, but also values, traditions, etc.
5. Reconciliation: The process of making two opposite ideas, situations, or facts exist together.

Previous Learning:
Previously, students learned about South African geography and early African kingdoms. They also discussed prominent figures in these societies and their contributions to cultural heritage.

Anticipated Challenges and Solutions:
Challenge: Students might struggle with understanding the concept of apartheid.
Solution: Use age-appropriate language and video clips to explain apartheid. Engage students with visual aids and storytelling.

  • Challenge: Students may have difficulty summarising biographical information.
    Solution: Provide a structured worksheet to guide them and model how to summarise using an example from a different figure.

Beginning Activities: (4 minutes)
1. Introduction: Start by asking students if they know who Nelson Mandela is. Allow a few students to share what they might already know.
2. Learning Objectives: Clearly state the learning objectives of the lesson.

Middle Activities: (32 minutes)
1. Direct Instruction: (10 minutes)
– Provide a brief overview of Nelson Mandela’s life, focusing on key events.
– Show a 5-minute video clip summarising Mandela’s contribution to ending apartheid.

  1. Guided Practice: (8 minutes)
  2. Distribute the Nelson Mandela biography handout.
  3. Walk through the handout together, highlighting key events and terms.
  4. Group Activity: (10 minutes)
  5. Divide students into small groups.
  6. Each group creates a timeline of Mandela’s life using the provided worksheet and A3 paper. Encourage creativity with drawings and markers.
  7. Independent Practice: (4 minutes)
  8. Students individually complete a few questions on their worksheet about Nelson Mandela’s key life events and his impact.

End Activities: (4 minutes)
1. Exit Ticket:
– Each student writes one thing they learned about Nelson Mandela and one question they still have.
2. Review and Close:
– Quickly review key points.
– Collect exit tickets.

Assessment and Checks for Understanding:
– Observation during group activity to assess engagement and understanding.
– Completed timeline and worksheet to gauge comprehension of Mandela’s biography.
– Exit ticket responses to check what students have learned.

Differentiation Strategies for Diverse Learners:
Scaffolding: Provide a partially completed timeline for students who need extra assistance.
Extension: Allow advanced students to research and present on Mandela’s global impact or another important figure in the fight against apartheid.
Language Support: Pair English language learners with peers who can assist and use visual aids extensively.

Teaching Notes:
– Reiterate the importance of understanding South Africa’s history and Mandela’s role in shaping the nation.
– Utilise visuals and storytelling to make the content accessible and engaging.
– Ensure all materials are accessible to students with disabilities, including providing text in large print or audio format as needed.

This lesson will help students appreciate Nelson Mandela’s contributions to South Africa and develop their historical comprehension and summarisation skills.