Top 5 Online Resources for Engaging CAPS Grade R Learners

Discover the best online resources for teaching the CAPS Grade R curriculum, featuring interactive activities, multimedia content, and age-appropriate resources to support young learners’ growth and development.

Khan Academy Kids (

  • Description: Khan Academy Kids is a free educational app designed for children aged 2-8, offering interactive activities and lessons that cover various Grade R topics.
  • Key Features & Benefits: The app includes engaging activities, games, and instructional videos in math, literacy, and other foundational skills. The user-friendly interface and adaptive learning system create a personalized experience for young learners.
  • CAPS Grade R Alignment: Khan Academy Kids aligns with the CAPS Grade R curriculum, covering essential topics such as early numeracy, letter recognition, phonics, and basic problem-solving.

Vooks (

  • Description: Vooks is a streaming service that offers animated storybooks, helping young learners develop early literacy skills.
  • Key Features & Benefits: Vooks features a library of animated books, complete with voiceovers, music, and sound effects. The service also offers lesson plans and resources for educators and parents to incorporate into their teaching.
  • CAPS Grade R Alignment: Vooks supports the CAPS Grade R curriculum by promoting early literacy skills, such as listening comprehension, vocabulary development, and storytelling. (

  • Description: provides a collection of age-appropriate resources and activities for Grade R learners, including worksheets, games, and lesson plans.
  • Key Features & Benefits: The platform offers various interactive activities, printable resources, and multimedia content, catering to different learning styles. The resources are designed to be engaging and promote skill development in young learners.
  • CAPS Grade R Alignment: covers essential Grade R topics as outlined in the CAPS curriculum, including early numeracy, literacy, and life skills.

Starfall (

  • Description: Starfall is an online learning platform focused on early literacy and numeracy skills for children in pre-K to Grade 3.
  • Key Features & Benefits: Starfall offers a range of interactive games, songs, and activities that support the development of reading and math skills. The platform uses a phonics-based approach to teach young learners essential literacy concepts.
  • CAPS Grade R Alignment: Starfall supports the CAPS Grade R curriculum by covering topics such as phonics, early reading, counting, and basic math concepts.

Busy Things (

  • Description: Busy Things is an online platform offering a wide range of educational games and activities for children aged 3-11.
  • Key Features & Benefits: The platform features over 1,000 engaging activities, covering various subjects such as math, literacy, science, and creative arts. Busy Things promotes learning through play, ensuring a fun and interactive experience for young learners.
  • CAPS Grade R Alignment: Busy Things supports the CAPS Grade R curriculum by offering resources and activities in essential areas like early numeracy, literacy, and problem-solving skills.

These online resources provide a diverse range of high-quality, engaging, and age-appropriate learning opportunities for Grade R students. By incorporating multimedia content and interactive activities, these platforms align with the CAPS Grade R curriculum requirements and effectively support educators and parents in teaching foundational skills to young learners.