Understanding SACE Points

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) has established a system of Professional Development (PD) Points to encourage continuous learning and development among teachers. This article aims to provide a simple and clear explanation of SACE points, how they are earned, and how they are reported.

What are SACE Points?

SACE points are a measure of professional development activities undertaken by teachers. The goal is to earn at least 150 PD Points every three years in your Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) cycle. These points can be earned through participation in three types of professional development activities:

  1. Type 1 Activities (Teacher-Initiated): These are activities initiated by the teacher themselves for their professional growth.
  2. Type 2 Activities (School-Initiated): These are activities initiated by the school, such as workshops or development sessions.
  3. Type 3 Activities (Externally Initiated): These are activities initiated by an external body, such as the Provincial Education Departments, School Governing Bodies, Independent School Boards, or other providers like private providers, Higher Education Institutions, NGOs, and Professional Associations.

How to Earn SACE Points?

Earning SACE points involves participating in the above-mentioned types of activities. Here are some examples:

  • Attending a 4-day workshop on a subject content knowledge can earn you 15 PD Points.
  • Attending a half-day workshop on school-based assessment can earn you 5 PD Points.
  • Initiating and leading school projects or community initiatives can also earn you points. For example, kick-starting a teaching and learning material development project that runs for 6 months can earn you 5 PD Points.
  • Marking or assessing National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations or Annual National Assessments (ANA) can earn you points.
  • Being an external examiner or moderator can earn you points.

How to Report SACE Points?

Teachers are responsible for reporting their PD activities to SACE. This can be done twice a year (each semester) in May/June and October/November, or as soon as you complete an activity. Reporting can be done manually by sending selected templates from your Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) to SACE or online through the CPTD Self-Service Portal.

Remember, the goal of earning SACE points is not just to accumulate points, but to engage in meaningful professional development that enhances your skills and knowledge as a teacher. Always ensure that the activities you participate in add value to your professional development.