What is Coding and Robotics as a subject?

Coding and Robotics is a crucial subject in today’s digital and information-driven world. It not only imparts ICT skills but also equips learners to apply them to real-world problems and develop skill sets relevant to modern work environments. The subject fosters problem-solving abilities through logical and computational thinking, and encompasses the interrelated fields of Information Technology and Engineering.

The subject has been structured into five strands during Foundation Phase and then four strands in the Intermediate and Senior Phase.

Five study areas in Coding and Robotics

The five strands in the Foundation Phase are listed below.

The strands are underpinned by Computational Thinking and the Engineering Design Process Methodologies in order to develop Critical Thinking Skills. The Specific Aims in the subject, i.e., Skills, Knowledge, Values and Attitudes (SKVA) are rooted within the curricula.