English FAL Matric Revision: Sentence types (statements, exclamations, commands, interrogatives)

Revision Notes for CAPS Grade 12: Application of Sentence Structures and Conventions


Understanding different sentence types and their functions is essential in English. They help in conveying tone, purpose, and meaning effectively. Sentence types include statements (declaratives), exclamations (exclamatory sentences), commands (imperatives), and questions (interrogatives). Mastery of these structures enhances both written and spoken communication skills.

Key Points

  1. Statements (Declarative Sentences)
  2. Provide information or state facts.
  3. Always end with a full stop (.)
  4. Example: The sky is blue.

  5. Exclamations (Exclamatory Sentences)

  6. Express strong emotions like surprise, excitement, or anger.
  7. Always end with an exclamation mark (!)
  8. Example: Wow! That’s amazing!

  9. Commands (Imperative Sentences)

  10. Give orders, instructions, or requests.
  11. Can end with a full stop or an exclamation mark.
  12. Example: Stop talking. or Listen!

  13. Questions (Interrogative Sentences)

  14. Ask questions.
  15. Always end with a question mark (?)
  16. Example: Are you feeling okay?

Real-World Applications

  1. Statements in Daily Use:

    • Statements are widely used for sharing facts, opinions, and observations.
    • Example: I am studying for my exams. This shares personal information and indirectly informs of one’s current activity.
  2. Exclamations in Daily Use:

    • Often used in conversations to express joy or displeasure.
    • Example: I can’t believe we won the match!
  3. Commands in Daily Use:

    • Common in instructions and directives.
    • Example: Close the door quietly. This directs someone to take a specific action.
  4. Questions in Daily Use:

    • Essential for gaining information, clarifications, and engaging in conversations.
    • Example: What time is the meeting scheduled?

Common Misconceptions and Errors

  1. Misplacing Punctuation Marks:

    • Error: Incorrectly using a full stop for questions.
    • Correction: Always use a question mark (?) at the end of interrogatives.
  2. Using Commands Incorrectly:

    • Error: Assuming commands are always rude.
    • Correction: Commands can be polite and are often necessary, e.g., Please take a seat.
  3. Incorrect Exclamatory Usage:

    • Error: Overusing exclamation marks can reduce their impact.
    • Correction: Use exclamations sparingly to preserve emphasis.

Practice and Review

Practice Questions:

  1. Identify the Sentence Type:
    a) The sun rises in the east. (Statement)
    b) What is your favorite color? (Question)
    c) Bring me the book, please. (Command)
    d) Hooray! We won! (Exclamation)

  2. Correct the Punctuation:
    a) How old are you. (Incorrect)

    • How old are you? (Correct)
  3. Create Exclamatory Sentences:

    • Use “happy” in an exclamatory sentence.
    • I’m so happy!

Examination Tips:

  • Look for keywords like who, what, where, when, why, and how for questions.
  • Commands often start with imperative verbs such as stop, listen, or put.
  • Exclamations express strong feelings so look for words indicating emotions.

Connections and Extensions

  • Link with Grammar:
    • Understanding sentence types assists in mastering grammar rules.
  • Writing Skills:
    • Effective use of different sentence types improves essay writing and narrative skills.
  • Interpersonal Communication:
    • Varying sentence types can enhance verbal communication techniques, making interactions more engaging.

Summary and Quick Review

  • Statements provide information.
  • Exclamations express emotions.
  • Commands instruct or request.
  • Questions seek information.

Additional Resources

  • Online Articles and Videos:
    • Websites like Grammarly and Purdue OWL provide comprehensive guides on sentence structures.
    • Educational YouTube channels like Khan Academy offer tutorials.
  • Educational Platforms:
    • Duolingo or BBC Learning English for interactive English practice.


  • Content adapted from “9781108650540book”【4:0†source】 .

Use this guide to solidify your understanding and application of sentence structures and conventions in English.

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